Give your teams back their time


60% more time to spend on what really matters.


Your people and technology are vital to your care service delivery. It should be easier to ensure they’re all working together seamlessly.

Hayylo unburdens your office and frontline teams by:

  • Automating admin and manual workload
  • Streamlining communication between care teams and customers
  • Powering easier ways for teams, clients and families to connect with each other through app, SMS, phone and email
It's a win-win all together!

How Hayylo makes more time for your teams

Our platform and apps simplify daily tasks by streamlining enquiries into a unified workspace and automating routine admin workload. Hence, everyone has the latest information to make the best decisions for care.

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With Hayylo, teams have more time because customers can:

  • Receive automated notifications when their services are updated
  • Have 24x7 instant access to their services and make requests or changes
  • Have documents shared with them instantly
  • Have key family members easily included and aware
  • Simply and easily visualise budgets and spend
  • Access a digital marketplace of goods and services
  • Chat with the provider without needing to wait on hold

There's real value hidden inside how care teams spend their time communicating with each other and with the clients. See how much time and effort (ROI - return on investment) your teams could save on admin workload.

Let's make time!

No time to lose with Hayylo. Our platform snaps on to your current tools and processes like a turnkey, so you don't have to change a thing.

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See Hayylo in action. It only takes 3 minutes!

  • Super easy to use
  • Minimal training required
  • No disruption of your teams busy routines
  • Effortless implementation

It's been proven that providers using Hayylo run better and smarter with:


more free time that teams can spend on care instead of repetitive calls.


drop in short-notice cancellations, driving greater workforce stability.


reduction in inbound calls to your office for simple enquiries.

Seamless team & client communication in one powerful package

Hayylo is everything you need to unburden and de-stress your teams.

Our smart platform will read information from your CMS and power support channels so clients and support workers can access what they need and when they need it.

The office team will keep scheduling, rostering and supporting who needs them without the admin and manual annoyance.

See Hayylo in action. It only takes 3 minutes!

More Hayylo Features

We cover your team and client communication end-to-end and save your team much time and double handling!

Providers across Australia are changing the narrative.

We work with leading providers across aged, disability and community care in the country that are already operating smartly and setting their care teams up for success.


“Hayylo is so easy to use! You would have to pry the support worker's app from our hands"

“Seeing my parents on the Hayylo app reassures me they’re being well looked after”


Hayylo has certainly given us some peace of mind in regards to managing mum with changes"

“We wanted a two-way conversation with clients. Hayylo really made it easy for all of us to get there”


We’re proud to be a pioneer council. With Hayylo, we deliver greater outcomes for clients and our teams"

“By better connecting clients and families, Hayylo allows people to remain independent and safe at home"

Interested in being at the forefront of the sector?


Care staff can spend up to one-third of their time on administrative reports*It's time to change that!

Take a quick look at Hayylo and explore the many ways we can give your organisation more valuable time to spend with clients.


*OECD, 2020

See Hayylo in action. It only takes 3 minutes!