Hayylo - Reversed

Empowering Great Customer Experiences

Less admin, more time to Care!

Add communication capabilities to your Telstra Health solution with Hayylo.


Hayylo seamlessly snaps onto your Telstra Health application (HCM or TCM) and uses the client and rostering data to automatically update clients and all the care networks via your own branded Customer App, SMS, 24x7 integrated call centre and  email.

Reach more clients and eliminate the manual workload on your busy teams without changing a thing in your operation.

Innovation Fund

Telstra Health and Hayylo created a special grant for providers already using Telstra Health applications and interested in adopting the Hayylo platform.

You can get up to $10,000 to help you get your innovation strategy going.


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What's in it for your organisation

We do the heavy-lifting for you! Everything happens backstage with minimal disruption of your team's time and routine, during and after implementation.

Telstra Health Hayylo Integrations


Your investment back on the 1st month and around 4 to 6x every year you keep using the Hayylo platform and app.

Be part

Leading providers in Australia already tested and approved the benefits of using Hayylo and Telstra Health solutions.


Automated notifications sent once and at the right time. Your team keeps working on Telstra Health and Hayylo handles the rest.

See Hayylo in action. It only takes 3 minutes!

Your customised Client and Family App in just days

Telstra Health Hayylo App

More Hayylo Features

We cover your client communication end-to-end and save your team much time and double handling!

Guaranteed integration, now and always.

That's our commitment to you! No need to delay Hayylo's benefits for your client engagement.

We'll always sync with the tools you choose, no matter if they change or get upgraded.

Numbers that don't lie

Get more money and time back

Telstra Health customers benefit immediately from snapping Hayylo on and seamlessly connecting teams and clients with:

  • - Automatic sync of client, worker and schedule visits

  • - Automatic sync of care notes back, according to compliance

  • - Automatic sync of budget, invoices and billing transaction data

See Hayylo in action. It only takes 3 minutes!

As a result, providers using Telstra Health and Hayylo experience:


drop in short-notice cancellations, driving greater workforce stability and steady revenue.


more free time that teams can spend on care instead of repetitive calls.


reduction in inbound calls to your office for simple enquiries.


Hayylo has certainly given us some peace of mind in regards to managing mum with changes"

“We wanted a two-way conversation with clients. Hayylo and Telstra Health working together really made it easy for all of us to get there”